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Gradiant FaceIDNN

Suitable for Cloud and On-Premise Deployment.
Supports verification (1:1) and identification (1:N) operating modes.
Compatible with web and mobile platforms, supporting multiple use cases.
Presentation Attack Detection through FacePAD.

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Gradiant Selfie&Sign

Secure and easy-to-use solution for mobile biometric authentication.
Simultaneous face and signature verification.
Far more secure than face-only authenticators.
Fully embedded in your mobile phone.

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Gradiant Voice

Automatic user verification through the phone line.
Fully automatic speaker recognition.
Text-dependent and text-independent.
Convenient and frictionless authentication for call centers.

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We all need an easy way to access our information on the go
Make sure it is secure and private!

GRADIANT brings you face, speaker and signature recognition technologies. Use them separately or combined!


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Gradiant ranks 1st in the IJCB 2017 international competition


KYC: Enabling secure customer on-boarding through face verification from ID documents. Contact us for more information.

Download the REPLAY-MOBILE Face Presentation-Attack Database produced at the Idiap Research Institute in collaboration with Gradiant

Download our latest article about the challenges of face recognition for authentication on mobile devices

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